The November full moon brings our final eclipse of the year 2021! The full moon in November is called the Beaver Moon (because the beavers prepare for winter) or the Frost Moon (because the temperatures begin to drop and frost begins to settle). Behind these nicknames there is symbolism – this full moon symbolizes the things we need to feel warm, secure, safe in a time of increasing seasonal cold. 

The upcoming Frost moon is extra spiritually significant since it is a partial lunar eclipse, and the first eclipse in the zodiac sign Taurus since 2014, and it will also be the longest partial lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years! It brings an opportunity of growth and renewed energy for us to manifest in 2022.

Even though full moon usually brings us the chance to do some rituals and moon magic, it is a bit different with eclipses. Instead of doing your personal rituals, we suggest you submerge into the turbulent feelings of change, and try to observe all that goes on in the universe.


The Lunar eclipse is about to take place in Taurus.

It is a perfect time for a Taurus to look deep into subconsciousness, and tune into their senses in order to comprehend the full moon energies.

Stay focused while observing your feelings, and fully take in the happenings and joy under this lunation.

These observations will give you some guidance to navigate the upcoming eclipse changes, while also offering you help to stay present in the moment. 

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