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Fallon Morell Carrington. I know she is a fictional character, but my gosh, does Liz Gillies play her well.

I’m talking about more than just fashion advice from a woman that radiates confidence

Most of us won’t experience a life full of glitz, glamour, and a boatload of drama, like Fallon Carrington, certainly does in The CW’s Dynasty. 

Fallon, the daughter of the arrogant billionaire Blake Carrington, is an intelligent, driven and ambitious woman, determined to make a name for herself separate from her father’s reputation. Despite the flaws she has, we should all take a page from Fallon’s book; she’s a strong, empowering role model and emphasizes the importance of never giving up, even when the odds are stacked against her. Yes, she deals with “rich people problems” as the series describes, yet the way she deals with those problems can be applied to aspects of our lives such as work, romance, or family. Here’s what I’ve learned from admiring Fallon Carrington: 

Confidence is Key 

After watching just a few minutes of the show, you can see that Fallon exudes confidence. The way she walks, talks, dresses… she’s not scared of anything. Such confidence has been instrumental to her success. She doesn’t let her fears or opinions of others hold her back. Whether it’s standing up to her father or starting her own company, she’s determined to make a name for herself.  

It’s Okay to Not Know What You Want 

Even though it may seem like Fallon knows exactly what she wants and acts to get it, there are some instances where she’s confused and lost in her decisions. For example, she’s confused as to whether or not she should be with Liam of Culhane, and shows us that it’s okay to not have the right answer immediately. Although we may not all be dealing with decisions of love, most of us college students are confused about what we want in life. What major should I have? Is this the right career path for me? What am I doing with my life? Even though we may not know exactly what we want, Fallon shows us that it will all work out in the end. 

Yet When You Know What You Want, Go After It

Her methods of going after what you want may not be the greatest examples, for Fallon is a so-called “queen” of manipulation to have things work in her favor. Regardless of how she gets what she wants, she sets a good principle of persevering to achieve your dreams. I’m not saying we should manipulate others to get what we want (in fact, her crafty ways set an example of what not to do) but we should stop at nothing when chasing our wants and dreams. 

Women Can Do Whatever Men Can Do 

Fallon is a proud feminist and fights every day to ensure equality among men and women in the workplace and beyond. Her mindset is that women can do whatever men can do… except women can do it a little better. She defies gender norms and asserts her dominance, showing the world she’s capable of tackling anything thrown her way. 

Love Unconditionally 

Fallon is careful with who she lets into her life; the people she surrounds herself with are special and of great importance to her. If someone is that important to be let into your life, make sure to show them you care. Fallon shows us that life is short, so if you’ve found someone you love, hold onto them. 

Never Give Up

Time and time again, Fallon gets knocked down and the odds aren’t always in her favor. It’s a fact of life that things won’t always go your way, but she doesn’t let that discourage her. She gets right back up and continues to fight for what she wants and believes in, defying the odds stacked against her. She demonstrates the importance of persevering until you achieve your goals. 

To Be the Part, It Helps to Dress the Part 

I mean, just look at all her amazing clothes. Her outfit choice not only shows her sense of style but also represents her maturity and confidence–– qualities we all should represent. Whether you’re interviewing for a job or giving a class presentation, this piece of advice will benefit you more than you think it will.

Until next time, stay cozy & chic,


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